Jackie Robinson Triple Play Day

The Zimmer Children’s Museum is proud to announce Jackie Robinson Triple Play Day, happening Saturday, April 13th at the Sports Museum of Los Angeles [1900 S. Main St, LA CA 90007]. This is a 35,000 sq ft private collection of sports memorabilia which currently includes a limited time only exhibit of Jackie Robinson and Negro League memorabilia for the launch of  ”42,” a feature film about Robinson’s life presented by Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures. The community is invited to join us for this rare opportunity to see one of the world’s largest private collections of sports memorabilia and celebrate the life and accomplishments of Jackie Robinson. Proceeds from the event go to support the Zimmer Children’s Museum’s youth services program, youTHink, which empowers youth to find their voice around social issues that matter to them and make a difference in their communities. This will be a family-friendly day celebrating sports history, food and fun!


Jackie Robinson Triple Play Day was a blast! You can support the Zimmer’s ongoing programs by donating today.


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